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Welcome to Sofie & Daniel Safety Kids


“The story held my four-year-old's attention. It's funny and the rest of the pages are these great cut-out emergency plan forms, emergency kit lists, and the like. As soon as we finished reading, my son asked if he could make his own earthquake emergency kit.”

- Lisken

“My five-year-old especially liked the parts in the book about the scientists and the seismograph, but he was listening to the kids talk about ‘drop, cover, and hold on’ too. After we read the story, he looked around the living room for a table to get under to practice.”

- Heather

Here you’ll find basic earthquake/emergency readiness information and resources designed for families with young children aged 3 to 6.


You’ll also be introduced to the Sofie & Daniel read-to-me books. Kids feel safer and more secure when they know that their families are ready for emergencies. The best way to get ready is together.

As you and your child read the story “Sofie & Daniel Get Ready for Earthquakes”, you’ll both learn about earthquakes and exactly what to do to get ready for them quickly. All the forms and lists that you need are in the back of the book – everything in one place.

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