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Sofie & Daniel Get Ready for Earthquakes

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Get your copy of "Sofie & Daniel Get Ready for Earthquakes" and teach your children about the importance of emergency preparedness. 

Are you a parent with young children living in earthquake country?
You probably know that your family needs to be prepared for a big earthquake, but maybe you’ve wondered:
  • What do experts say to do during an earthquake?

  • What basics should we have in our earthquake kits?

  • How do we make an emergency plan?

  • What do we need to do to make our home safer?

  • What can I tell my kids so they’ll feel safer?



These questions and more are answered in this simple “read to me” book for young children and their parents. It was written by a former public health educator and reviewed by earthquake and tsunami experts. With cut-out forms, emergency kit lists and information from the Red Cross, FEMA and other official agencies, this book has everything families need to get ready for earthquakes together.


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