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Site manager and “Sofie & Daniel Books” author Lin Glen:


In my life as a Health Educator, I learned:

  • to use information from official sources,

  • to test the websites, phone numbers or other contact information I give out,

  • to test the information I give out with some of the people that I’m giving it to, to make sure it makes sense,

  • and to show examples of the “do’s” and not the “don’ts”.

If you see information here that’s wrong or if links don’t work – contact me - I want to hear about it!

Lin Glen



Earthquakes are pretty normal for children’s book author Lin Glen. She even has a few favorites. Born near San Francisco, she and her husband have made their home on the far northern coast of California, in one of the most seismically-active parts of the country.


She’s been passionate about young children and child safety all her life. Her college degree is in Child Development and she often volunteered to take care of her friends’ kids before having three of her own. She’s worked as a preschool teacher and as a child safety seat educator for the public health department. Her kids and grand kids have resigned themselves to the fact that they get earthquake preparedness items in their Christmas stockings every year.


In her writing career, Lin uses her preschool and health education teaching skills to write books for young children and their families that entertain, empower, and educate. Her first book, “Sofie and Daniel Get Ready for Earthquakes”, combines a classic story book with basic earthquake information and simple tools that parents and kids can use to prepare for earthquakes together.


Kids pay attention to details and if you look closely, you might notice that the food on the breakfast table is healthy and everyone’s buckled up properly in the van – health education at work. She almost drove her illustrator crazy when she had to take the time to consult state experts to make sure the illustrations showed Sofie and Daniel properly in the “drop, cover, and hold on” scenes. The same care is taken to make sure all recommendations and resources only come from trusted scientific and government sources.


Lin is a member of the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, has a Master’s Degree in Education with a minor in Journalism, is a member of the Redwood Coast Tsunami Work Group, and volunteers with her town’s CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) and her neighborhood Emergency Preparedness group. 

Darcy Brown


Darcy Brown is an artist-of-all-trades, creating all sorts of works from large scale paintings to quirky ceramics to small comics and illustrations. Her medium for illustrations was goache paint with ink on Bristol board, but since then she has begun some joyful experiments with her new set of Copic blending pens.

She is a new art teacher, having just completed the credential program, and her love of youth shines through in the characters she has created. The style is fun and accessible -- perhaps inspired by her lifelong not-so-secret love of children's entertainment. She is especially well-versed in animated films from youth culture. Perhaps this is why she has wanted to illustrate a kid's book since her own childhood.


It thrilled her to have the opportunity to participate in this project which turned out to be so fun and so very relevant to the community she lives in. Northern California is a hub of fault lines, and so the possibility of an earthquake is ever-present for the people there. Brown hopes this book will instruct and inspire kids and adults of all ages to become aware and prepared with the help of this heart-warming read.

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